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Colorist Santiago Padilla joins Incendio

Colorist Santiago Padilla has joined creative color boutique Incendio, where he will work alongside fellow artists Luis Silva and Clark Muller. Padilla, whose portfolio spans feature films, music videos and commercials, began his postproduction career at R!OT, where he quickly advanced under the mentorship of leading colorists Muller and Bob Festa. Padilla has enjoyed successful tenures at Company 3, New Hat and, more recently, Picture Head. His credits include the upcoming feature Low Riders (Blumhouse, Universal), music videos “Tamale” and “IFHY” for Tyler the Creator, “FWU” for up-and-coming singer-songwriter Pia Mia, Funny Or Die’s You’re So Hot series with Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse, as well as ad projects for DirecTV, NBA, and Dr. Dre’s Beats1 podcast “The Pharmacy”. “I was part of the last generation of colorists who really got to touch film, and yet I was born into the digital world,” said Padilla, 32, who is excited to be reunited with Muller who founded Incendio in 2011. “A lot of my looks aspire to the filmic, because of what I absorbed under so many powerhouse colorists. It’s not ‘safe’ by any means, but my clients like that.” Padilla rose through the ranks at R!OT, becoming telecine assistant on Jerry Bruckheimer’s Cold Case, then assistant to Festa. The young colorist took on unique challenges with gusto. At that time, RED was new and the first feature shot on that format was Gamers. “No one wanted to touch it, and I said, ‘Hand it over, baby!’” said Padilla. The movie became a cult hit and Padilla earned a reputation for being a bit of a gunslinger when it came to color. “Now that I look back I think, ‘Whoa that kid took too many chances!’” he mused. At Company 3, he worked on X-Men: First Class, among other projects. Still, Padilla was in “starting position” at the huge outfit. Moving on to New Hat, he learned Baselight, added commercial DI to his resume, and beefed up his music video cred, eventually coloring Miguel’s “Adorn” - which garnered more than 50 million views on YouTube. As Padilla comes to Incendio, he feels he’s returning to his roots. “I’m grateful for every opportunity I’ve had,” he said, “but there is something special about a smaller, tight-knit boutique where artistry permeates the atmosphere.” In terms of regrets, Padilla’s had a few, such as the sporadic pangs of not having gone to film school. And yet, with his new home at Incendio, the award-winning horror short Luna among his recent credits, and projects like Low Riders coming to fruition (he has been working with director Ricardo de Montreuil since the inception of the film, which stars Demian Bechir, Eva Longoria and newcomer Tony Revolori), Padilla feels he could not have written a better tale for himself. “The education I received on the job was better than any film school,” he concluded. “It was like being at an Ivy League university for colorists.”

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Katy Perry's "Dark Horse"

Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" continues to be one of the most talked about music videos of the year. It made the number one spot on the list of Top 10 most-watched videos of 2014, and most recently won the coveted award for Best Female Video at this years MTV VMAs. Dark Horse is a visual epic that goes beyond the scale of traditional music videos. This Egyptian themed stunner is complete with recreations of the Nile River and the great Pyramids, as well as incredible VFX, and grand, detailed matte paintings. Incendio helped bring these visuals to life by matching their magnitude with bold and vivid color. Colorist Clark Muller joined the team of exceptional artists behind the world of Dark Horse. This includes director Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory, Director of Photography Shawn Kim, creative and video producer Danny Lockwood of Capitol Music Group SVP, and executive producer Javier Jimenez.

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The Art of Glowing

"Glowing" is a recent release directed by Tyler the Creator, of the hip hop collective Odd Future. This music video is a vivid narrative that follows a young couple as their love progresses through old age, all while the world crumbles around them. This is a dreamy pop ballad, that acts as the soundtrack to a story told through a unique treatment of color. The video reveals three distinct looks, all reflecting a prominent theme of contrast, as the couple is shown in their blissful disposition, against flashes of brutal news clips. Colorist Clark Muller worked closely with the DP, Luis Perez, to carefully craft each look. The first of which, adapts vibrant and saturated hues, revealing the couple as children. The second look bears a visually impressive infrared tone. Here, each shot is submerged in the infrared, while the two lovers radiate in their natural skin tone. Finally, the darkest look concludes the video, showing the world through dystopian lenses in shades of grey and blue. These sharp color moods enhance the striking nature of this video, as achieved through the juxtaposition of beauty vs real life tragedy, shaking the senses through a narrative that is undoubtedly compelling. Check out Tyler, The Creator's new video at the following link: Glowing

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