Katy Perry's "Dark Horse"

Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" continues to be one of the most talked about music videos of the year. It made the number one spot on the list of Top 10 most-watched videos of 2014, and most recently won the coveted award for Best Female Video at this years MTV VMAs.
Dark Horse is a visual epic that goes beyond the scale of traditional music videos. This Egyptian themed stunner is complete with recreations of the Nile River and the great Pyramids, as well as incredible VFX, and grand, detailed matte paintings. Incendio helped bring these visuals to life by matching their magnitude with bold and vivid color.
Colorist Clark Muller joined the team of exceptional artists behind the world of Dark Horse. This includes director Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory, Director of Photography Shawn Kim, creative and video producer Danny Lockwood of Capitol Music Group SVP, and executive producer Javier Jimenez.

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